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Mechanical Engineer (Torrance, CA)

A Mechanical Engineer is sought by a machine wholesaler that specializes in roller fabrication, machining and emergency work that located in Torrance, CA to perform the following duties:

Job Description:

1. Create new design of wire dispensers, CNC broaching machine and the meat processing machine such as band saw;

2. Design forming dies, and mechanical components (mounting accessories, frame, and covers);

3. Design electrical circuit and create PCB layout;

4. Build 3D model and assembly, perform the tolerance analysis and create the mechanical drawings;

5. Conduct Finite Element Method simulation, thermal analysis, and engineering calculation to ensure the reliability of products, systems and mounting methods under extreme conditions;

6. Program CNC machine and welding robot to build the prototype;

7. Analyze and test mechanical components and systems; summarize test results to make recommendations to management regarding quality, suitability, marketability and viability of mechanical components and systems;

8. Create complete design documentations, including 3D models of parts and assemblies, drawings, work instructions, procedures and Bills of Materials;

9. Qualify designs by planning and conducting tests using test bench;

10. Verify the products are properly designed from mechanical engineering perspective in compliance with industry standards;

11. Perform technical evaluations on products and equipment proposals;

12. Oversee tests, installations, operation, maintenance and repair of machines;

13. Prepare specifications, manuals, reports and create CAD files for customer support staff and customers;

14. Improve product packaging to reduce damage during transportation;

15. Assist technical support teams to solve consumer reported mechanical engineering issues.

Minimum Requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering;

2. High proficiency in SolidWorks simulation, SolidWorks, Altium Designer, BobCAD CAM, and MS Office.

3. Strong ability in calculating, analyzing, and solving engineering problems;

4. Strong ability in following detailed instructions, working independently and completing tasks on-time;

5. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Apply to J-K Manufacturing Inc., 22918 Mariposa Ave., Torrance, CA 90502